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Safiuchi- Abstract Artist 

Multi-Cultural Painter is best known for expressionist paintings and is recognizable for their layered thick brush strokes and bold colors with Black and White in every piece. Safiuchi continues to paint with the spirit to heal scratches by bringing awareness to people through causes and humanity in cultural communities.

Born in Bellingham WA, she was raised on Nooksack Tribal lands. She is a Nooksack 306. Art has been an imperative part of her life. Her anxiety and depression and past trauma became the turning stone, allowing her to recognize the horrible consequences and ever-lasting wounds a person goes through. Experiencing and realizing the acute stress she decided to state her quest to express, comfort, and apprise the community through her art and faith, she strives to help people heal and draw closer to God.

I affirm "Living for others is real living". - Safiuchi

Her prophetic paintings are a strong resource to soothe brokenhearted, depressed individuals and bring awareness to people through causes and humanity in cultural communities. 

Safiuchi drawn to the ways in which color and form can express the depth and complexity of the human experience. Her work is an exploration of the interplay between light and shadow, form and texture, and the emotional resonance that can be conveyed through the use of color. 

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