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Safiuchi- Abstract Artist 

Multi-Cultural Painter is best known for expressionist paintings and is recognizable for their layered thick brush strokes, bold colors, book text abstracted figures. Safiuchi continues to paint with the spirit to heal scratches by bringing awareness to people through causes and humanity in cultural communities.

Born in Bellingham WA, she was raised on Nooksack Tribal lands. She is a Nooksack 306. Art has been an imperative part of her life


As a Multi-cultural Indigenous artist, her heritage and upbringing on Nooksack Tribal lands and life’s challenges inform her expressionist paintings and sculptures. Her work centers on the act of healing, both personal and ancestral. Generational and trans-generational traumas weave a complex web, and she uses art as a tool to untangle it.


Text plays a significant role in her practice. Passages from books that have guided her own healing journey are incorporated into her pieces, acting as whispers of wisdom for herself and viewers alike. Her daughters are a constant source of inspiration. Their artwork, included in some of her pieces, adds a layer of innocence, reminding us of the pure potential we carry before the weight of experience sets in.her art delves into the tools we need to navigate life's inevitable cycles of joy and sorrow. .

She explores the role of the brain and body in processing trauma, questioning if we fully understand the transformative processes required to break free from unhealthy patterns.

Her use of colors plays a big role into colors of psychology and how colors, form and layers can express the depth and complexity of the human experience.  

The hope is that her art prompts viewers to consider their own journeys, to question their relationship with trauma, and to seek out the tools they need to heal and thrive.

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